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Heat lamps, bulbs and accessories for your chicken coops, brooders and young pigs. 

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KANE Single Side Heat Mats

KANE Single Side Farrowing Heat Mats / Pads
From $103.24

KANE Double Side Heat Mat 27"W x 60"L

KANE heat mats put the heat where it belongs, under the baby pigs.

Comfort Heating Plate for Chicks

The Comfort heating plate mimics a mother hen by allowing chicks to gather under the plate to keep warm. Less costly to operate than a standard heat bulb. Cover not included.
From $50.34

Cover for Comfort Heating Plate

Transparent durable plastic cover to protect the top of your Comfort Heating Plate. Keeps birds off the plate and makes cleaning easier!
From $10.53

Hog Slat® Poly Heat Lamp

Durable plastic (polypropylene) heat lamp shade will not corrode or dent and the flexible sides cushion heat lamp bulbs from breaking.
From $11.70

Hog Slat® Smooth Heat Lamp Bulbs

Hog Slat® smooth, clear heat lamp bulbs for keeping piglets and small chicks warm. 120 Volt.
From $1.83

Hog Slat® Dimpled Face Heat Lamp Bulb 100W

The Hog Slat® 100 watt heat lamp bulb features a dimpled face and heavy glass construction.
From $2.76

Hog Slat® Hard Glass Heat Lamp Bulb 100W

The Hog Slat® 100 watt heat lamp bulb features hard-dimpled glass and a heavy duty medium brass base.
From $4.81

Philips® Dimpled Glass Heat Bulb

The Philips® dimpled glass heat lamps are industrial grade and provide more heat using less electricity.
From $5.39

Porcelain Socket

Replacement socket for standard heat lamp (54411)

8' Power Cord

Replacement cord for standard heat lamp (54411) 18 ga.

Standard Heat Lamp

Aluminum heat lamp shade with porcelain socket, includes wire guard and 8', 18 gauge cord. 120v.

Monoflo® Heavy Duty Heat Lamp

Thick Aluminum shade with porcelain socket; includes guard, 10' cord and separate hanger clip

Monoflo® Heat Lamp Cord

Replacement socket and cord for Monoflo® heavy duty heat lamp (544111)

Adjusta Heat Poly Heat Lamp

High impact polypropylene heat lamp housing resists corrosion and protects bulbs from damage.

Adjusta Heat Socket Cord

Replacement socket and cord for Adjusta Heat heat lamp (ADJHEAT)

Wean Mat 39" x 39"

Heavy molded wean mat perfect for starting young pigs on feed.

Wean to Finish Mat 48" x 72"

Wean to finish mat helps get pigs off to a good start by keeping them dry and reducing feed waste.

4' x 6' PolyMAT Wean Mat

Lightweight mat weighs only 17lbs.

KANE Manual Heat Pad Control

KANE rheostat for manual heat pad control. 300 Watt 110v.