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FARMSTEAD Equipment is manufactured and sourced to provide high-quality, durable equipment for our customers raising smaller quantities of pigs, chickens, turkeys and other livestock. Our selection of chicken feeders, pig feeders, chicken nest boxes, water nipples, drinking supplies and other equipment has been tested and proven to provide the best value on the market for pastured and outdoor raised animals. 

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11" x 12" Nest Pad

Economy Nest Pad, Blue Gray Turf

CintoFlex 4' Mesh Poultry Netting

Tenax® Aviary Net is safe and its unique mesh structure holds up to even the toughest birds.

Creep Panels - Galvanized

Heavy-duty galvanized creep wall panels for farrowing crate assemblies.
From $54.00

Double-Tuf® 1.5 LB Plastic Poultry Feeder

Compact 1.5 pound plastic poultry feeder is a great solution during brooding to provide food for young chicks. The built-in Feed Saver Ring minimizes spillage and prevents wasted food. Holds up to 1.5 pounds of feed.

Hog Slat® Smooth Heat Lamp Bulbs

Hog Slat® smooth, clear heat lamp bulbs for keeping piglets and small chicks warm. 120 Volt.
From $2.40

Hog Slat® Thermostats

Our best selling electromechanical thermostat designed for heating, cooling and ventilation applications.
From $55.22

KANE Automatic Dog Feeder - 25 Lbs

The KANE automatic dog feeder keep fresh food available at all times and helps prevent waste and spoilage.

Push-In Style Poultry Water Nipple

Innovative push-in style poultry drinking nipple makes it easy to create your own chicken drinking bucket.

AquaChief™ Pig Water Cup (Base Unit)

AquaChief™ base unit water cup for pigs. Includes stainless steel water cup and 48" stainless steel water pipe with nipple.

Creep U-Channel

21-1/2" long galvanized Universal U-Channel used with galvanized farrowing creep panels.

Cut and Weld Gate Panel

31-1/2" tall DIY panels allow producers to custom build gates for every need.
From $232.00

Ignition V Poultry Drinking Fountain

Manual fill fountain provides birds with easy access to water and can be placed on the floor or hung from the handle to reduce contaminating the pan.

Rain Hat Cover for "Flex" Metal Chicken Feeder

Plastic "rain hat" cover for our 22 lb "Flex" metal chicken feeder helps keep feed dry in the hopper and pan. Allows the metal chicken feeder to be used outside without rain ruining feed.

12" x 13" Economy Nest Pad

Economy Nest Pad, Blue Gray Turf for center belt nests.

2-Way Creep Corner Post

Galvanized corner post used for creep panels
From $34.00

Anti-Waste Ring for "Flex" Metal Chicken Feeder

Plastic anti-waste trough ring slides over our 22 lb "Flex" metal chicken feeder hopper and covers the pan to reduce feed waste caused by birds pulling or "raking" feed out of the trough onto the ground.

Automatic Poultry Water Trough

Water drinking trough for chickens and other poultry. Trough supplied by 1.85 gallon (7L) water tank and 32' hose.

CintoFlex 5' Mesh Poultry Netting

Tenax® Aviary Net is safe and its unique mesh structure holds up to even the toughest birds.

Hard Glass Dimpled Heat Lamp Bulbs

Offers improved durability, performance and longer bulb life over previous models.
From $3.91

Hog Slat® Pre-Wired Thermostat w/ 20' Cord (Heat Only)

Our most popular weather tight thermostat with 20' pre-wired piggy back cord. Improves performance of heaters by moving the thermostat away from the heater housings.

KANE Heated Dog Waterer

The KANE heated dog waterer prevents water from freezing, even at temperatures of -30°F.

Poultry Transport Crate

Orange poultry transport crate with two access doors great for chickens and similar sized birds.

Chicken Slaughter Cone

Galvanized metal kill cone used to quickly and humanely dispatch chickens at slaughter and restrain them from flapping and causing damage to meat quality.
From $18.51

Lid for "Flex" Chicken Feeder

Plastic cover lid for the FARMSTEAD "Flex" Chicken Feeder.