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Finish Feeders

hog slat feeders in row

More pigs are finished on Hog Slat
          feeders than any other brand

...Maybe yours should be too.  

Hog Slat provides you with more styles and sizes of finish feeders to choose from than any
other supplier. Hog Slat conventional dry
 feeders set the standard for feed conversion that other
feeders are still judged by. If your specs call for round fiberglass 
or wet/dry designs, we have 
those too...built with Hog Slat's proven feed efficiency features.  

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Finish Feeders - Stainless Steel

Hog Slat finishing feeders are designed to feed pigs from 40 to 300 pounds.
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Wean to Finish Feeders - Stainless Steel

Hog Slat wean to finish pig feeders help weaned pigs start strong and feed growing hogs to market weight efficiently.
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Wet/Dry Feeder - Stainless Steel

Based on a time tested design, Hog Slat's Wet/Dry pig feeders are welded of 16 gauge 304 stainless steel for durability and corrosion resistance.
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Hog Slat® Easy Clean Handle for Finish Feeder

The Hog Slat® Easy Clean Feeder Handle simplifies the hassle of cleaning out finishing pig feeders.

Hog Slat® Round Fiberglass Feeder

Hog Slat's round feeder is designed with features not found on competitive brands.

Boar Feeder- Stainless Steel

Single hole stainless steel feeder for limited number of animals...tough enough for a large boar.

Hog Slat® Floor Mount Bracket for Round Feeder

Floor mount bracket to secure Hog Slat® Round Fiberglass Feeder to slatted or solid flooring.
From $4.00

Hog Slat® Gating Panel Adapters

Hog Slat® gating panel adapters for use with Hog Slat Round Fiberglass Feeder.
From $28.00

Hog Slat® Round Feeder Blocker Panel

Powder coated steel blocker panel for Hog Slat® round fiberglass hog feeders.