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No matter how complex or challenging a rodent control problem may be, animal producers have come to rely on Liphatech’s quality, innovation and expertise. Throughout its history, Liphatech has focused exclusively on the development and production of rodenticides and related rodent control products.

Rodents have no known resistance to any active ingredient from our family of second-generation anticoagulant rodenticides. However, continued use of just one active ingredient or bait form in areas with ongoing rodent activity may increase the potential for a resistance problem. Also, mouse populations often prefer one flavor or texture of rodenticide over another (i.e. behavioral resistance). It makes sense to use a rodenticide rotation program in livestock production facilities to improve the effectiveness of your rodent control program.

A rotation strategy that includes Liphatech’s FastDraw, Revolver, Cannon, Hombre, Boot Hill and Gunslinger Rodenticides, used in conjunction with the Aegis Bait Stations, is your most effective means of rodent control.

Guide to Optimal Bait Rotations and Rodent Control

Biosecurity Rodent Control Product Guide

Liphatech Rodenticide Safety Data Sheets

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Boot Hill® Pellet Place Packs, 150 ct pail

1.5 oz packs - 150 count

Boot Hill® Mini Blocks, 10 lb pail

Boot Hill is the prefect partner with Hombre in your bait rotation.

Boot Hill® Mini Blocks, 20 lb. pail

Boot Hill is the a perfect partner with Hombre in your bait rotation.

Cannon™ Soft Bait - 4 Lb. Bag

Cannon™ by Liphatech is the world's first Bromethalin soft bait. Provides effective knockdown and clean-out performance.

Fast Draw® Soft Bait, 16 lb. pail

Soft baits cost less per placement! More baits per bucket

Fast Draw® Soft Bait, 8 lb. pail

Soft baits cost less per placement! More baits per bucket!

Gunslinger® Mini Blocks, 130 Ct. pail

Break the bait rotation cycle with this deadly "clean out" rodenticide.

Hombre™ Mini Blocks, 10 lb. pail

It's advanced formulation features the lowest lethal dose on the market.

Hombre™ Mini Blocks, 20 lb pail

The smallest lethal dose of anticoagulant on the market
$103.56 $88.50

Hombre™ Pellet Place Packs. 200 ct. pail

The smallest lethal dose of anticoagulant on the market

Revolver™ Soft Bait, 16 lb pail

Rats and mice prefer the texture and taste of soft baits...adds variety to the bait rotation.

Revolver™ Soft Bait, 8 lb. pail

Add texture to your bait rotation...rats and mice prefer soft baits.