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AirStorm X-Brace fans feature “Farm Smart” Design


"These are the type of ventilation fans a poultry or hog producer would design to use on their own farms," exclaimed Hog Slat engineer Tyler Marion. "The emphasis is on using corrosion resistant materials to reduce maintenance and delivering energy efficient air flow at typical operating static pressures.”  

The new X-Brace fan series consists of a through-wall mount 54" fan and an exterior mount 57" panel fan. Composite fiberglass housings and poly discharge cones provide both models with excellent corrosion protection. A flush mount kit is also available for the 57” adapting it to through-wall installations.


Rigid X-Brace support

The fan series gets its name from an innovative X design which moves the anchor points of the support arms to the housing corners for maximum stability.   The support arms are manufactured from aluminum tube with a blue epoxy coating for increased corrosion protection and incorporate a triangular edge profile to reduce wind turbulence. Rubber corner mounts cushion the fiberglass housing from vibrations. The stainless steel support plates for the motor and bearing assembly bolt to the X-Brace with stainless steel hardware.

X-Brace Pillow-Block-770x400

Improved bearing life

A new solid base bearing housing allows a more stable mounting to reduce vibration significantly. The new bearing also includes a double-lip FloBack seal to improve lubrication and provide additional protection against contamination to reduce maintenance.


Flat performance curve

The new fans integrate proprietary stainless steel props configured for peak air delivery at typical static pressures. "The performance curve is very flat with these fans," explained Hog Slat's ventilation director, Austin Baker. "The prop's most efficient cfm ratings are delivered at standard house operating pressures of between .05 and .15". X-Brace-Butterfly

Low maintenance shutters

While the 54" fan uses a plastic interior shutter, the 57" model utilizes a poly butterfly damper with stainless steel hardware. An aluminum damper ring maintains stability while magnetic closures and dual springs seal the damper when the fan is not in use.

The "Farm Smart" design provides reduced maintenance and enhanced air delivery for swine and poultry producers.

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