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Customers share about Farmstead Nesting Equipment

For a farm seeking a premium laying nest, Farmstead nests could be the perfect solution. The Farmstead nest provides hens with sufficient space to lay high-quality eggs, promote optimal hygiene, and above all are user-friendly and durable.

Farmstead nests are constructed of rugged galvanized steel that bolts together for strength, versus nests that are pop riveted. All edges are rolled to prevent injury to the birds, and divider partitions have ventilation holes to allow for air circulation around the hens to keep them cooler.

Farmstead Nest

“We recently built a barn for our chickens and had tried a few different nesting options. We had tried utilizing plastic bins and other nesting systems, but unfortunately none of these options were agreeing with our chickens. We decided to try the Farmstead nests and have been happy with this system. Our chickens adjusted well and are comfortable with this nesting option. We also have some ducks in our operation and they too have been utilizing the nesting boxes.” Pamela – Blanding, UT

“I like how stable the nests are because the chickens are not going to be able to knock it over.” Pamela – Blanding, UT

“I like that it bolts together easily and is made of galvanized material so that it won’t rust.” Casey – Paragould, AR

Suited to fit farms of all sizes, nests are available in 10-hole10-hole rollout, and a 4-hole nest. Assembled dimensions of the 10-hole are 34.5” high x 60” long, while assembled dimensions of the 4-hold are 34.5” high x 24” long.

“They provide a larger area for chickens, allowing them greater mobility.” Terry – Virginia, IL

In addition to animal comfort, it is important to note the nest’s user-friendly features. Designed for easy maintenance, nest bottoms are removable to make cleaning and litter replacement effortless. Nests feature hinged perches that flip up to aid egg gathering. The tops of the nests are designed with a steep slope to prevent roosting. In addition, nests can be elevated off of the ground and mounted onto a wall.

“I like the way the bottoms of the nests lift out, allowing the nests to be fairly easy to clean.” Lorena – Hillsboro, OR

“They are easy to clean. I use wood shavings for the bedding and clean out the nests once a week.” Pamela – Blanding, UT

“I like the fact that you can close the boxes at night so that they don’t allow the hens to roost in them.” John – Palermo, CA



For anyone looking into the Farmstead nests, here is what some users have to say.

“I like everything about it. The nests were easy to assemble; we were able to assemble it within an hour.” Terry – Virginia, IL

“This product provides great value for the money.” Lorena – Hillsboro, OR

“I have found nothing wrong with this product and would purchase it again.” John – Palermo, CA

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