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Waste Management

Proper waste management begins with the right tools. Hog Slat stocks manure treatment systems from ASI (Agriment Systems Inc) and BioverseAG and others to help you keep your pits and lagoons functioning correctly. Hog Slat also carries PLT (Poultry Litter Treatment) and other litter amendment applications that cannot be shipped in our retail store locations.

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Scraper Wheel 6" V-Groove Phenolic

Scraper wheel 6" V-Groove Phenolic with stainless steel ball bearings.

1" bore x 8" Dia Sheave Hub

Replacment sheave for scraper power unit (452-709M)

2-1/2" x 5/8" pulley

for scraper gear motor

4-1/2" x 5/8" pulley

for scraper gear reducer

Pit Scraper Replacement Wheel Only

Replacement phenolic wheel with Delrin bushing for pit scraper system corner wheel assemblies (452-708B).

Scraper Corner Wheel Assembly

Corner wheel for pit scraper systems. Includes stainless steel bracket, axle, wheel and bushing.

8'' X 5'' Stainless Steel Right Angle Scraper Floor Bracket

8'' X 5'' Stainless Steel Right Angle Scraper Floor Bracket

Scraper Corner Wheel Bracket Only - SS

Replacement scraper system stainless steel corner wheel bracket for corner wheel assembly (452-708B).

Stainless Bolt Bushing

Replacement bolt bushing for corner wheel (452-708)

Stainless Bolt w/ Zerk

Replacement stainless steel axle bolt for pit scraper corner wheel (452-708) assembly.

Stainless Steel Scraper Blade

Heavy weight manure pit scraper blades are constructed of stainless steel.
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1/2" X 58" Rod for Scraper Stop

1/2" X 58" Rod for Scraper System stop