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Incinerators & Incinerator Parts

Incinerator and cremators from National Incinerator and Bury Easy (R&K Incinerator, Inc). Complete units and replacement parts available to service most makes and models. 

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8 Pin Relay 120V With Lockable Test Button

8 pin incinerator relay with lockable test button. 120V.

Blower Wheel National Incinerator

Blower wheel for National Incinerator Destructor and Destructor Jr. models.

Burner Nozzle 1.10 Gal

Incinerator burner nozzle 1.10 gal.

Burner Nozzle 2.25 Gal

Incinerator burner nozzle 2.25 gal.

CAL Incinerator Controller - Programmed

CAL incinerator controller. Programmed.

Control Board

Control board for 523595 control box.

Destructor 6 Hour Spring Wound Timer

6 hour spring wound timer for Destructor series incinerators, LP and NG models.

Drive Coupler

Drive coupler for incinerator.

Fan Blower Wheel

Incinerator fan blower wheel for Easy Burn incinerator.

Fuel Pump

Fuel pump for incinerator.

Fuel Shut Off

Fuel shut off valve.

Gas Valve LP/NG National Incinerator

Gas valve for LP or NG National Incinerator models.

Grower SELECT® 1/5 HP Motor for Burn-Easy Incinerator

GrowerSELECT® 1/5 HP 115V replacement motor for Burn-Easy oil burner incinerators.

Gun Assembly Burn Easy

Gun assembly for incinerator.

HD 500 Igniter Inlet Block

Igniter inlet block for National Incinerator HD 500 propane or natural gas models.

HD 500 Incinerator Fuse - 5 Pack

5 pack of fuses for the National Incinerator HD 500 model.

HD 500 Incinerator Gas Regulator

Regulator for National Incinerator HD 500. For use with propane or natural gas.

HD 500 Incinerator Motor

Replacement motor for National Incinerator HD 500.

HD 500 Input Adjustment Screw

Input adjustment screw for HD 500 LP & NG incinerators.

HD 500 Main Gas Port

Main gas port for National Incinerator HD 500. For use with both natural gas and propane models.

HD 500 Shutter Replacement Kit

Replacement shutter kit for National Incinerator HD 500, LP and NG models.

HD 500 Transformer

Transformer for National Incinerator HD500 LP & NG models.

HD 500 Wiring Terminal Strip

Wiring terminal strip for National Incinerator HD 500.

Heat Sensor

Heat sensor for Burn-Easy incinerator.
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