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Manure & Litter Treatments

Shop for lagoon, pit and poultry litter treatments including products from Agriment Services Inc., Bioverse and TerraMAX.  When used according to manufacturer’s directions, many producers report a reduction in manure odor and crusting, fewer flies and increased fertilizer value. Poultry litter treatments can help reduce ammonia emissions, improve litter value and increase flock production. 

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Picture of ASI Pit Slammers™

ASI Pit Slammers™

SKU: AS1007
ASI Pit Slammers™ are designed to slip into the slatted floors of deep and shallow pit buildings to digest organic wastes naturally and effectively.
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Picture of Activator Plus - 5 Gallon Pail

Activator Plus - 5 Gallon Pail

Activator Plus by Bioverse® AG is a microbial formulation for the inculation, activation, and maintenance of agricultural waste storage systems.
Picture of AgraSlat™ Manure Treatment

AgraSlat™ Manure Treatment

SKU: BA30150
AgraSlat™ features a proprietary blend of microbial isolates and a new slim profile that fits directly between slatted floors.
Picture of AgraSphere™ Manure Treatment

AgraSphere™ Manure Treatment

Just toss it in your pit and forget it. No measuring or mixing!
Picture of ASI Maintenance Plus - 1 lb Packs

ASI Maintenance Plus - 1 lb Packs

SKU: AS1004
A concentrated, dry blend of stabilized bacterial spores and micro-nutrients in individual water soluble packets for swine lagoon treatment.
EvoAktiv FCMT - Full Circle Manure Treatment

EvoAktiv FCMT - Full Circle Manure Treatment

FCMT is a novel liquid microbial technology containing purple sulfur microorganism combined with supporting natural odor abatement humic constituents that are designed specifically for use in anaerobic manure storage systems.
Picture of Lagoon AgraSphere

Lagoon AgraSphere

SKU: 30500
Just lob in the lagoon and forget it. Package of 4 spheres.
Picture of MicroPuran® For Poultry

MicroPuran® For Poultry

A blend of bacteria and enzymes to reduce ammonia, solids and odors in poultry waste.
Picture of Ultra Litter Treatment™

Ultra Litter Treatment™

Ultra Litter Treatment™ is a blend of food grade acids and sodium salts blended with food grade buffering agents and FDA approved Yucca schidigera extract.
ManureMagic® 25 Pound Bucket

Manure Magic® - Drylet

SKU: DL-1325
A natural and easy-to-use solution to prevent solids build-up, foam, and odor. Applied once per season, ManureMagic® provides an innovative, time saving, and eco-friendly solution to nuisance issues in pits and lagoons, as confirmed by Iowa State University. Manure can be pumped more easily and at a cheaper cost due to increased flowability and consistency.
Picture of MicroPT™


MircoPT features a combination of selected natural and organic microorganisms.
Picture of ASI BioBlock

ASI BioBlock

SKU: AS1006
BioBlocks are a time released formulation for pit and lagoon treatment of stabilized bacteria in a spore form for an extended shelf life. Each BioBlock treats 100,000 gallons of waste.
ASI Pit Hammer

ASI Pit Hammer

SKU: AS1001
A unique blend of naturally occurring bacteria and essential oils combined for the degradation of organic solids, odor control and effective insect management.
Picture of ASI Pit Hammer Plus

ASI Pit Hammer Plus

SKU: AS1000
2.5 gallon sized container with 2 gallons of concentrate.
ASI Anti Foam

ASI Anti Foam

SKU: AS1005
ASI Anti Foam prevents and breaks down foam in manure handling systems. Use with Pit Hammer for complete treatment of manure pits.
ASI Septic Care

ASI Septic Care

SKU: AS1003
Commercial strength digestant formulated for home septic systems.
ASI Maintenance, Flush and Lagoon

ASI Maintenance - Flush & Lagoon

SKU: AS1002
ASI Maintenance is a unique blend of naturally occurring bacteria combined for the degradation of organic solids, odor control and effective insect management.