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Scraper System

hog slat manure scraper diagram Manure scrapers are effective way to remove manure from under slats in shallow gutter systems without adding extra water.  Hog Slat systems feature stainless blades, cable and pulley brackets. Rugged cast iron gear reducers are paired with 3/4 hp motors.  

Hog Slat Pit Scraper System Installation Manual

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Hog Slat® Automatic Pit Scraper Controller

Multiple SKUs available....
Automatic control for Hog Slat® pit scraper system allows unit to function automatically at adjustable intervals while also allowing manual activation as needed.
From $1,062.08

Manual Scraper Switch

SKU: 452-457
Reversing drum switch housed in NEMA 4X box.

Intermatic® 5 Minute Timer w/ Dial

SKU: 590311
Replacement 5 minute dial timer for pit scraper systems and other applications.

5/16" Stainless Steel Cable - 7 x 19

SKU: 617276
5/16" stainless steel 7x19 extra flexible aircraft cable.

Belt Guard for Pit Scraper

SKU: HS780
Pit Scraper Belt Guard Complete.

Hog Slat® V-Belt 1/2" X 26"

Hog Slat® replacement V-Belt for scraper system gear drive and AT Newell curtain machine.

Worm Gear for Scraper System

SKU: 452-719
Replacement worm gear for scraper system.

Gear Reducer

SKU: L10-00-0473
Replacment gear reducer for scraper power unit (452-709M)

3/4 HP Motor for Scraper System or Rigid Auger

SKU: 5330014
Replacement 3/4 HP motor suitable for rigid auger and scraper system power unit applications.

3/4 Hp Power Unit for Scraper System

SKU: 452-709M
Complete power unit for manure scraper system with painted mounting frame.

Cast Iron 6" V-Groove Corner Wheel

6" V-groove cast iron wheel replacement for scraper system corner bracket assemblies.

Scraper Wheel 6" V-Groove Phenolic

SKU: SC600
Scraper wheel 6" V-Groove Phenolic with stainless steel ball bearings.

1" bore x 8" Dia Sheave Hub

SKU: 452-718
Replacment sheave for scraper power unit (452-709M)

2-1/2" x 5/8" pulley

SKU: PAK2558
for scraper gear motor

4-1/2" x 5/8" pulley

SKU: PAK4458
for scraper gear reducer

Pit Scraper Replacement Wheel Only

SKU: 452-515
Replacement phenolic wheel with Delrin bushing for pit scraper system corner wheel assemblies (452-708B).

Scraper Corner Wheel Assembly

SKU: 452-708
Corner wheel for pit scraper systems. Includes stainless steel bracket, axle, wheel and bushing.

8'' X 5'' Stainless Steel Right Angle Scraper Floor Bracket

SKU: 8070260500
8'' X 5'' Stainless Steel Right Angle Scraper Floor Bracket

Scraper Corner Wheel Bracket Only - SS

SKU: 8070250500
Replacement scraper system stainless steel corner wheel bracket for corner wheel assembly (452-708B).

Stainless Bolt Bushing

SKU: 452-521
Replacement bolt bushing for corner wheel (452-708)

Stainless Bolt w/ Zerk

SKU: 452-511
Replacement stainless steel axle bolt for pit scraper corner wheel (452-708) assembly.

Stainless Steel Scraper Blade

Multiple SKUs available....
Heavy weight manure pit scraper blades are constructed of stainless steel.
From $0.00

1/2" X 58" Rod for Scraper Stop

SKU: 2012580500
1/2" X 58" Rod for Scraper System stop