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The PolyStorm fan series from Hog Slat.

The PolyStorm fan series from Hog Slat.

Hog Slat created its new PolyStorm fan line by taking the best features of our proven AirStorm fans and incorporating them with a new housing material. PolyStorm fans feature roto-molded High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) housings. HPDE is a durable plastic with great low-temperature impact strength and excellent chemical resistance. HPDE is also less expensive than similar corrosion materials such as fiberglass resulting in significant cost savings per fan. 


PolyStorm fans feature PVC shutters, stainless-steel motor mounts, and GrowerSELECT motors


Along with the HPDE housing, PolyStorm construction consists of stainless-steel supports and hardware, coated fan guards, PVC shutters, and GrowerSELECT motors with a 2-year warranty.  


The only real shortcoming of HPDE is its lack of rigidity, which limits its use to fans 30 inches or less. PolyStorm fans are available in 14, 18, and 24-inch models. 


While PolyStorm fans are an excellent choice for new ventilation systems, their biggest value may be for remodeling and retrofit projects. When restarting facilities that have sat idle, considerable labor is required to remove stuck props, replace motors, and repair damaged shutters on the existing fans. It may be more cost-effective to replace the entire fan with a lower-cost PolyStorm model with a 2-year warranty. For example, replacing the motor and shutter on an existing 24-inch fan would cost almost as much as a new 24-inch PolyStorm. Also, the PolyStorm housings have a smaller profile making them more likely to fit in smaller rough openings used for older fans. 


Unlike most fans with poly housings meant for light commercial use, the PolyStorm fans are robust products designed for animal production facilities. Click to learn more.  

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