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Agriment Services, Inc. (ASI) products contain a select combination of naturally occurring bacteria to dissolve manure solids, reduce odor causing compounds and improve the biological health of lagoons. With regular use, sludge levels can be reduced in both lagoons and deep pit systems.

All ASI products are Made in the USA.

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ASI Pit Slammers™

ASI Pit Slammers™ are designed to slip into the slatted floors of deep and shallow pit buildings to digest organic wastes naturally and effectively.
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ASI Maintenance Plus - 1 lb Packs

A concentrated, dry blend of stabilized bacterial spores and micro-nutrients in individual water soluble packets for swine lagoon treatment.

ASI BioBlock

BioBlocks are a time released formulation for pit and lagoon treatment of stabilized bacteria in a spore form for an extended shelf life. Each BioBlock treats 100,000 gallons of waste.

ASI Pit Hammer

5 gallon bucket, regular strength.

ASI Pit Hammer Plus

2.5 gallon sized container with 2 gallons of concentrate.

ASI Anti Foam

ASI Anti Foam prevents and breaks down foam in manure handling systems. Use with Pit Hammer for complete treatment of manure pits.

ASI Septic Care

Commercial strength digestant formulated for home septic systems.

ASI Maintenance - Flush & Lagoon

ASI Maintenance is a unique blend of naturally occurring bacteria combined for the degradation of organic solids, odor control and effective insect management.