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Pest Proof Chicken Feeder

Feed-O-Matic with hen

Our newest product offering for backyard flocks helps reduce feed loss from pests like mice, rats and wild birds. Known as a treadle feeder, the Feed-O-Matic incorporates a step activated gate to control access to the feed trough.

The treadle requires two pounds of weight to open the slide gate. As a chicken steps on the treadle to eat, it is depressed, and the gate opens. When the chicken finishes and steps off, the treadle rises shutting the gate to limit access to lighter weight pests.

The trough featuFeed-O-matic closeupres several refinements to limit feed loss as the chickens are eating. Solid plastic dividers prevent feed from piling up in the corners and falling out. A feed-saving plastic lip on the trough keeps birds from “raking” feed out of the trough as they eat.

ConstruFeed-O-Matic lid opencted of 20 ga. galvanized steel, the Feed-O-Matic holds 26.5 pounds of feed. A plastic lid keeps the feed hopper clean with a snap latch to secure it.

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